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Sanje ob Soči

The valleys of inspiration
Intact nature

Due to vicinity of sea and position in the middle of southern edge of the largest European mountain range this landscape is characterised by a special and outstanding wealth of diversity in its living and still nature.

Everybody with his eyes open and with a heart sensitive to beauty must be rejoiced by numerous waterfalls with charming pools in hidden ravines and by lush flora up to high mountain peaks in summertime, or by evergreen vegetation under the snow, with sparkling sunny peaks high in the blue sky in winter.

Wonderful mountains
Mountain biking
Hiking and mountain biking

Soča is a very diverse natural environment and offers the greatest variety of MB and hiking tours in Slovenia.

The oldest and longest nature trail in Triglav National park, the Soča River Trail (part of Alpe Adria trail), takes you from the spring of Soča river toward Bovec.

According to your stamina and personal preferences we will gladly recommend a perfect tour for you, starting from Bovec or some other place.

Kids - family- adventure

Take your children on a trip to nature, enjoy a great family picnic and surprise them with an unforgettable experience while exploring secrets of the Soča valley, river and mountains.

If you decide to go for a more extreme adventure of sport activities that are not recommended for kids, the little ones will be taken care of by our profesional babysitter. Special offer: free backpack for kids (Deuter Kid Comfort III) and baby cot.

play golf at
bovec golf center

golf at bovec

Golf Bovec attracts all the golf lovers, especially those, who love intact nature, with the view on Julian Alps. The main arhitect of the field was nature itself, which inspired workers to name the holes after surrounding nature’s beauties.

In addition to regular golf, you can try Footgolf, which makes things even more interesting.



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fly fishing
on soča river

fly fishing

Soča river is a paradise for those, who love fishing, in this area fly fishing. You willdefinitely be amazed over Soča trout, which is the representative species of this region.

Get your licence and enjoy your time in this intact gorge of the Soča river.

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kayaking on the soča river


The Soča river is a popular European kayaking destination. Offering all levels of difficulty, suitable for beginners as well as advanced kayakers who prefer a technically demanding course. Sport agencies are offering equipment rental and kayaking courses.

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rafting on bovec soča route

rafting on bovec

The stunning location and blue to emerald colour of the Soča river set the background for amazing range of water sports. The Soča river is known around the world for its world class rafting, kayaking, canyoning on affluents and hydrospeeding.

There are sections of the river for all levels of training experience – from beginner to professional, so you will for sure find something suitable for yourself.

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Panoramic flight over the area

Panoramic flight

To admire the Soča valley and the surrounding peaks is wonderful but to follow again from a bird’s eye view tracks hiked already is unforgettable. Experienced pilot will take you to one of three panoramic flights available.

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skydiving over bovec


A jump with a parachute from an aircraft in tandem with an experienced skydiver is certainly one of the most adrenalin and unforgettable experiences. The aircraft takes you up to about 4000 m altitude. During a minute of free-falling you can enjoy a beautiful panorama.

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Majestic Soča river

This fairy vale is the bed of one of European most fascinating rivers in the most beautiful, Alpine section of its flow from the very source under the highest mountains of Julian Alps to its calming-down in the flashing green valley.

The Soča river on this rolling youthful way along with changing its colour shades from light blue through turquoise, emerald to green, together with diverse rock formations.

Other exciting adventures

Whether you are fly fishing or playing golf in its surroundings, unique mountain view is always near and ready to take you breath away. And if you’d like another perspective, you can take panoramic flight over the beautiful area, or even go skydiving.

There are many more outside activities you can explore, experience and enjoy around the hotel area. You can see some of them in the video above.

don't forget about
ski season

Kanin – Sella Nevea is the only high-mountain ski area in Slovenia. It is found in the SW part of Kanin mountain range which is only 60 km of bee-line far from the Adriatic Sea.
By realising a long-lasting idea of connecting and uniting ski area on both sides of the Kanin massive in 2009/2010-season ski resort Kanin – Sella Nevea became the first international cross-border ski center in Slovenia as well as in the wide region.

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